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Our restaurant is a real Fusion Restaurant in Mafia Island. We mix the original Italian cuisine with the flavors of Indian cuisine , adding freshness  and colors of Tanzanian dishes.

Our unique style, along with its fresh atmosphere, makes a dinner  a true experience around the world.

Beach Bar
Beach Bar

Utende beach is the beautiful beach of Mafia Lodge, it is the only beach of Mafia that is not affected by the tides, in fact even at low tide you can have the pleasure of swimming without difficulty starting from the beach.

Our boats can leave the shore at any time.

The beach is public but it is never crowded and the presence of local inhabitants very friendly and never intrusive makes this corner of paradise something special.

The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds in Swahili style and in the highest respect of nature have been built with wood and local materials.


A freshwater shower is available on the beach. The beach bar staff offers a service from 9 am until sunset and will be at your disposal for any request.

From the beach, during the low tide, you will have the opportunity to take long walks immersed in the nature of the mangrove forest and breathe an atmosphere of peace and serenity accompanied by the song of the birds of Mafia and the sea breeze.


The Mafia Lodge is the only one on Mafia Island that has a beach that is present all day, as it is not affected by the tides.
On which our Beach Bar is located.

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